Nuclear Magnetic Resonance and Rock Physics

Our research in near surface geophysics focuses on using the geophysical method, nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR), to understand processes occurring in the top 100 m’s of Earth’s surface. NMR measurements directly detect hydrogen protons water and are sensitive to their physical with chemical environment. NMR it is possible non-invasively image the subsurface and obtain information about water content and pore properties. These measurements can be made from the surface or with an instrument lowered into a borehole and are typically used to characterize ground water aquifers. Through laboratory and field experiments, as well as computer modeling, we are developing new methods for interpreting NMR data to understand the link between NMR measurements and subsurface properties and processes.

NMR equipment in a forest

NMR in the Vadose Zone

Falzone et al., 2016

NMR for estimating Permeability

Osterman et al., 2016

NMR for estimating water content

Keating et al., 2020