Kristina Keating

Associate Professor, Rutgers University Newark

2009 PhD Stanford University

2008 MSc Stanford University

2001 BASc University of British Columbia

Twitter: @kkechi, @rungeophysics

Current Members

Brian Higgins

PhD Student

Bridges to the Doctorate Fellow

Carolina Caro

MS Student

Past Members

Yonghui Peng

PhD Student (Graduated 2021)

Thesis: An examination of soil texture and water content estimates from nuclear magnetic resonance

Yonesha Donaldson

Undergraduate Researcher (2018)

Geopaths Mentor

Now at the University of Georgia

Joaquin Cambeiro

Undergraduate Researcher (2018/2019)

Geopaths Mentor

Gordon Osterman

PhD Student (graduated 2017)

Rutgers University Presidential Fellow

Best Student Paper, SEG 2016

Thesis: Novel methods of estimating permeability using spectral induced polarization and nuclear magnetic resonance

Now at Stanford University

Judy Robinson

Research Associate (co-advised with Lee Slater)

2015 PhD Rutgers University, Newark

2010 MSc Rutgers University, Newark

Now at Pacific Northwest National Labs

Sam Falzone

Research Associate (co-advised with Lee Slater)

PhD Student (graduated 2016)

Thesis: An evaluation of the sensitivity of nuclear magnetic resonance measurements to hydraulic parameters of the vadose zone.

Now at Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory

Tonian Robinson

Undergraduate Researcher (co-advised with Lee Slater)

Now at University of South Florida

David Samuel Wallace

MS Student (graduated 2015)

Thesis: A laboratory study to develop a permeability model for unconsolidated glass bead packs by combining NMR and SIP measured parameters

Now at the Texas Water Science Center

Casey McGuffy

Undergraduate Researcher (2014)

Carl Rosier

Post Doctoral Researcher (2013/2014)

Chi Zhang

Post Doctoral Researcher (2013/2014)

Now at the University of Vienna